Freedom From Dampness With Dr. Fixit!

We all have a dream of living in our dream homes. I know I have been! I remember my old house. I used to live in a chawl. Chawl life is not that easy. The toilets were outside the house (like common toilets). Every rainy season our house would get flooded and my mom and dad and the rest of my family would be busy removing the water out of our houses.

Finally tired of the troubles, we moved into a flat on the third floor. My dad spent his savings on our new house. It was just like our dream house. New brightly painted walls, a toilet inside the house, a house high above from the ground which means no water would enter my house in rains, and so many other wonderful things. I was in love with my new house. It was perfect.

And Down Came The Rains

But then came the rainy season. The first few showers of rain were fine. I would sit by the window and enjoy watching the rains while enjoying hot tea with a few homemade vada pav. But then, my dad noticed our wall getting wet. The wall paint starts coming off. We noticed leakages and my dad was very disappointed. The house in which he had spent his hard-earned money was leaking.

Struggles With Water Leakage

Freedom From Dampness With Dr. Fixit!

Soon, with the wall paint falling off, the beauty of my brand new house vanished. With rains gone, my dad had that wall re-painted for Christmas. But, the same story got repeated the next rainy season. This is the story of many of our houses in India. Come monsoon and we find water leaking from different parts of our house. The damp walls and the leaking roofs are nobody’s favorite. Sometimes, this dampness can happen out of the blue anytime.

Water leakages are a huge concern for any house. Spending thousands every year to get this fixed is an expensive affair. But what if I tell you this can be fixed once and for all. What do we do when we are ill? Well, we go to the doctor. But what if our house is ill? Doesn’t it need a doctor too? There is one such doctor that treats the sickness of our houses. Dr. Fixit!

Freedom From Dampness With Dr. Fixit!

Dr. Fixit is the number one doctor of waterproofing. Dr. Fixit has taken up the initiative to have a leakage-free India. ‘Freedom from Dampness’ is an initiative by Dr. Fixit which aims to liberate every citizen from the ill effects of dampness in their homes. Dampness and leakage-free homes are not only necessary for the beauty of our houses but also for our health.

Freedom From Dampness With Dr. Fixit!

Waterproofing your home can significantly reduce the growth of mold and fungi, and makes your home dampness-free ensuring that a healthy environment is created. A happy home is a huge step towards a joyful nation that can only thrive when its citizens do. The solution is simple, readily available, and effective. Here is what you can do:

Dr. Fixit Waterproofing products are designed in a way to treat your house completely i.e. your house roof, structure, water tank, external wall, bathroom, toilet, other rooms, and foundation.

Dr. Fixit’s Raincoat can bear the heat, humidity, and rainfall and also form a layer around the external walls of our house to keep it healthy and safe.

Freedom From Dampness With Dr. Fixit!

Dr. Fixit offers a detailed check-up of houses and also offers solutions from experts.

Know how to keep and create a Happy home here:

Well, if you don’t believe me, hear it from the mouth of Big B himself:

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