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Introducing Flawsome Felishia: Your Creative Corner for Holistic Beauty and Wellness. 

We are dedicated to delivering top-quality content that is interesting, helpful, and genuine in the realms of Beauty, Skincare, Wellness, and Lifestyle. 

Our mission is to provide unbiased and honest insights to our readers, ensuring a holistic approach to beauty and wellness.

About - Flawsome Felishia

What do we write on?

Flawsome Felishia covers a various range of topics like weddings, reviews, fashion, health, travel, self-improvement as well as spirituality. We are based in Mumbai, India. The images on my blog are from Open Doodles run by Pablo Stanley.

Who owns the blog?

Flawsome Felishia is owned by Felicia Nazareth. She is a full-time teacher and an aspiring blogger. She loves writing and expressing her thoughts and ideas with the world. 

However, this blog is run and operated by Felicia and her sister, Fiona. Though we are a team of two, we are trying our best to make your experience on our website a delightful one.


How did it all begin?

The journey of Flawsome Felishia has been a bumpy one. The blog was first launched in September 2015. When it initially began, it was named as The Confused Mango. For someone just starting in the field of blogging, it was all spur of the moment. 

However, we didn't feel connected to the name. Soon, we realized that the name didn't suit our style and our story. As a result, in 2020, five years after it all started, our blog went under a complete transformation. 

Why Flawsome Felishia?

The word "Flawsome" is a combination of two words: flawed and awesome. That is how I, Felicia, see myself. I have been on a long, hard journey of self-acceptance. Irrespective of my flaws and quirks, I know that I am awesome. With self-acceptance, I felt liberated from the chains of guilt and despair. This is depicted in the logo of our website.

We all are special. Our quirks and talents are something that makes us unique. Through my blog, I wish to share the story of my journey with others who are struggling to accept themselves.  

Are there any other authors?

Running a blog requires time and dedication. A blog needs regular, proper, and complete care, without which it may die. With my busy work schedule, I was struggling to dedicate time to my blog. 

Therefore, my sister, Fiona stepped in to help out. She is one of the authors of this blog. She is a management student who loves gaming and music. She regularly contributes articles and helps in running Flawsome Felishia.

What services do we provide?

Flawsome Felishia provides services like:- 

  • Sponsored Review For Your Website or Product. 
  • Advertisement (Sidebar ad and Banner ad) 
  • Sponsored Social Media Marketing (Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus) 
  • Collaborated Giveaways 
  • Post on new launches Reviewing Your Product on Flipkart, Amazon or other E-Commerce Website

Can I contribute a guest post?

Guest posting is a great way to connect with likeminded people and share your content. Currently, we have kept the guest posting for our blog on hold. However, we will soon begin accepting guest posts on our blog. You can read about the rules and regulations of guest posting on our blog.

How do I stay connected?

You can subscribe to our website and follow us on our social media channels to stay updated with the latest content and happenings.

How do I contact the team?

You can drop us an email at flawsomefelishia @ gmail.com for any collaborations, feedback, or queries.