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Many of us enjoy shopping. For some its a guilty pleasure while for others its a way to deal with stress. However, the only thing that holds us back from going on a shopping spree is the cost. We don't want to shell out thousands from our pocket. Are you looking for a place that offers awesome curated and handmade products at pocket-friendly prices? Qtrove, a new online shopping website, is your answer. Read on to know my shopping experience with Qtrove.


Qtrove is a Bangalore based curated marketplace that exhibits & sells non-mass produced items. These items are handmade by small entrepreneurs across the country. Their products are organic and natural.

To release the shoppers from the ‘tyranny of choice’, Qtrove selects only the best products from exclusive sellers. From fresh bakery goods to handmade soaps, Qtrove brings only the choosiest products for its customers. 

What Did I Buy?

Qtrove surely has a wide range of curated handmade products and it can surely get overwhelming while you shop. Therefore, I took some time to decide what I should exactly buy. At that time, I had a prayer and meditation service about to take place at my house. Hence, I decided to buy something that I could use for the prayer service, and even later. 

All of the products were created by Iris Home Fragrances. Here is what I purchased:

1) Lemon Grass Fragrance Vaporizer (10 ml Oil + 2 Tea Lights) - Rs. 300

For a prayer and meditation service, it is important to have a peaceful and ambient atmosphere. Hence, the first product that I added to my cart was a Vaporizer kit. I wanted to try out something different and hence I decided to go with Lemon Grass Fragrance Vaporizer

Lemon Grass Fragrance Vaporizer (10 ml Oil + 2 Tea Lights)
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The kit included one ceramic Jar vaporizer, 10 ml Lemon Grass Fragrance vaporizer oil & 2 tealights. It is very easy to use. Just fill the half the bowl on the top of the jar with water and add a few drops of the oil. Place the tealight candle in the space provided below or inside the jar. The product comes with an instruction card too.

I am in love with this product. The fragrance was long-lasting and provided a wonderful aromatic experience. Moreover, the only residue that it leaves is the empty tin cover of the tealight candle. However, the ceramic jar does heat up a lot and needs to be handled with care.

2) Sandal Cinnamon Vaporizer Oil - Rs. 90 and  Lavender Vaporizer Oil (10 ml) - Rs. 90

Since I already had purchased the vaporizing jar, I decided to purchase a few more vaporizer oils. The next product in my cart was the sandalwood cinnamon vaporizer oil and lavender vaporizer oil. Both these fragrances are known to have a calming and relaxing effect on the mind and are perfect for any occasion.

Lavender Vaporizer Oil  Sandal Cinnamon Vaporizer Oil
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The 10 ml vaporizer oils came in small glass bottles. There were easy to store anywhere because of their size. A few drops are enough for a long-lasting aromatic experience. However, make sure to close the container tight once you have finished using the oil.

3) Sandal Potpourri - Rs. 175 

For those who aren't aware, potpourri is a mixture of dried petals and spices placed in a bowl to perfume a room. Potpourri freshens your room with fragrance, texture, and color.  The more enclosed potpourri is, the longer it will last. The more exposed it is, the shorter its lifespan. 

Sandal Potpourri sandalwood
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Sandal Potpourri not only adds a gentle natural scent to the room but always gives a luxury touch. The sandal potpourri that I purchased was 50 gm in size and came in a handcrafted cane basket with net pouch. The fragrance easily lasted for around 15 days. Since I had already purchased the vaporizing oil, I decided to spray a few to restore the fragrance.

4) Rose Fragrance Kit - Rs. 125

I love the fragrance of rose induced products. It is said that the fragrance gives a sense of security and spiritual attunement. Additionally, it also keeps your mind balanced and helps in reducing anger. Hence, the last thing that I put in my cart was the rose fragrance kit

Rose Fragrance Kit
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This kit included a set of 10 gms rose potpourri, 5 rose scented incense dhoop sticks, 5 Cones, 2 aromatic rose fragrance floater candles, and an incense holder. The fragrance lasts for a long time and sets uplifting energy in the room. 

My Online Shopping Experience with

The best thing about is that all the products are handmade by artisans in India. These products are unique in nature and are not easily available across the online spectrum. The website strictly follows a ‘no discount – no sale’ policy as opposed to the popular business model followed by other big e-commerce players. The website follows this to ensure their vendors get the best deal for their products. 

The website is very simple to use. Just like the motto says, all the products are curated with love. It is not loaded with infinite useless unnecessary products. The website design is very appealing to the eye. The brands selling the products on Qtrove are all high quality. The best products in the market are offered here at pocket-friendly rates. 

Shop Natural and Organic With
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The products on the website are quite pocket-friendly starting from Rs.70/-. You will find a wide range of products from food, beverages, bath and beauty, decor, home care as well as personal care. The products are shipped and delivered within 4 days depending on where you reside. There are also standard delivery charges (Rs. 40 to Rs. 70) applicable to the order. 

The customer care executive called me up and informed me that the products are freshly made and will be delivered within a week. And it indeed was! The quality of the products I received was extremely worth the price and the packaging were amazing. Each product was specially wrapped to make you feel special.  -  Website Review

Since all my products were from one seller, I received them all together. However, if you choose products from different sellers, they may be delivered to you separately.

Qtrove Coupon Code 

Qtrove was kind enough to offer a special discount coupon code for my blog readers. 
Use BLOGFELICIA20 for 20% off on your first online paid order for orders above Rs 200. Validity till 31st October 2016.

Your Thoughts

Do you love handmade products? Have you shopped at How was your shopping experience? Share it with us in the comment section.

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. However, my views on the website are completely honest based on my online shopping experience with them.

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