7 Wedding Beauty Essentials for Every Bride

So, your big day is finally coming up! You must be ecstatic. First of all, congratulations! Secondly, you need to look like the perfect blushing bride for your big day!

All my friends who have recently got married started planning their beauty routine the very day they finalized the date. So don’t take any pressure (It’s really bad for your skin) and start planning calmly for your big day. 

7 Wedding Beauty Essentials for Every Bride

Here are seven essentials for every bride:

7 Wedding Beauty Essentials for Every Bride
Photo by Farddin Protik from Pexels

1. Optimal Skin Care

Start taking care of your skin from Day One. If your skin is damaged from the sun or acne, get yourself an Indian Healing Clay Mask. This mask will work wonders for making your skin glow in a matter of weeks so you can start working on the other aspects.

Remember to moisturize daily, use good facemasks that are either naturally made at home by you or bought from a high-end organic store. Also, remember to add the necessary essential oils to your routine!

2. A Brilliant Dermatologist

There is no doubt that you know what’s good for your skin but your dermatologist knows what’s best. So visit your dermatologist and ask him or her how you can have soft and supple skin on your big day.

3. The Perfect Hair Care Routine

Your hair needs to be spot-on on the big day. For this, you need to make sure it is strong and healthy in the days of your planning. Try to oil it regularly. Use oils that you need for your hair. For example, coconut oil is great for giving your hair some shine and Argan oil works wonders in removing frizz.

Use a good hair mask before washing your hair and use organic shampoos and conditioners.

7 Wedding Beauty Essentials for Every Bride
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4. The Best Makeup

Try to buy your own makeup for the wedding. Talk to an MUA about what would suit your skin tone and undertones best and buy the makeup accordingly. Also, try to go for high-end organic products only.

5. Makeup Trials

Put on the makeup that you have bought and try imagining the best look for yourself. Ask your stylist or a friend with a good eye for makeup to help you out. Try to look pretty and modest and not gaudy and racy. Just like the perfect blushing bride!

6. The Grueling Waxing Routine

There are many people out there who start getting full-body wax twice a month to make the hair finer and reduce growth before the wedding day. This is an absolutely crucial step to achieve baby-soft skin on your big day!

7 Wedding Beauty Essentials For Every Bride
Photo by Farddin Protik from Pexels

7. The Perfect Smile

Visit your dentist and ask about the best teeth-whitening routine. Get any other work you need to get done also done within this duration for the most beautiful smile.

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