Perfect Life Partner - Choosing The Right One Simplified!

Choosing the right one is not an easy task. Finding a perfect life partner is not a walk in a park. It is not like finding a person to spend time with just because you are bored by yourself and then not even bothered by that person when your work is done. It is so much more. You have so many factors to consider and questions to ask when choosing a life partner.


Choosing a life partner means finding a person you can see yourself growing old with.

A life partner is someone with whom you will be spending almost 40-50 years. Hence, you need to make the right and proper choice. Very often, people enter into marriage without getting to know each other. For a handful, it is just like a spur of the moment. It is only later that they begin to get to know each other on a deep level.

Choosing the person you want to marry or commit to forever is a serious business. Additionally, it demands a lot of foresight, reliability, trust, harmony, and honesty. However, once you've found that special person, all of your hard work will be worth it and you can get ready for a lifetime of happiness. 

Perfect Life Partner - Flawsome Felishia
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Does A Perfect Life Partner Exist?

Personally, I believe that the concept of a perfect life partner differs from person to person. What personality traits may be perfect for one person may not be perfect for another. However, the idea of a life partner free of flaws is just fictional. 

Some of them fail to accept the other person as they are just because they don't fit into this definition of perfect. As a result, many couples head for divorce. In the United States alone, about 40 to 50 percent of married couples have divorced

Choosing a life partner is a very important decision and a lot of thought needs to be put into it. As a teacher, I believe that this topic needs to be discussed with teenagers right from school. This will help them to make the best possible choice when the time is right. It's probably one of the most important decisions of any person's life. 

Ten Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing Your Life Partner

We have put together some important points that will help you in choosing your life partner. Additionally, we have also shared 25 questions to ask when choosing a life partner. These are important factors to consider when choosing a life partner.

1) You should not select or reject any person by their appearance. 

Before committing to a life partner, it is crucial to thoroughly acquaint yourself with them through various means. For many individuals, initial impressions hold significant weight, leading them to prioritize wealth and physical appearance when selecting a life companion. Furthermore, some individuals hastily marry someone solely based on their popularity, wealth, or attractiveness, without investing effort into truly understanding the other person.

Moreover, such individuals tend to focus solely on the positive aspects of their potential partner, disregarding any potential challenges or flaws. Only after a few months of marriage and difficulties in adjusting to their partner's behavior do they recognize their misjudgment. Consequently, these couples often resort to divorce. Therefore, it is essential to consider looking beyond superficial appearances and initial attractions when choosing a life partner.

2) Self-acceptance goes a long way.

Before starting the search for the "Right One" or "Perfect Life Partner" you need to see to it that you are ready for this big step. You must be ready for the big change. You need to be happy with your own achievements. 

Additionally, you need to have your personal life plan or goals set. Similarly, emotional maturity is very significant. You need to have matured and grown enough to be able to carry the new responsibilities. You also need to be financially stable and independent. Moreover, you need to believe in yourself and be confident.


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3) Your life partner must be willing to share the amazing adventure of life with you. 

Next, when you start a search for a life partner don't keep stick to your high expectations. You can register yourself at various matrimonial or dating sites. Similarly, you can also get in touch with any matchmakers or ask your friends or relatives to help you find a life partner. If you are already dating someone, find out if that person is fit for marriage i.e. responsible and supportive, and not someone who will turn out to be a liability to make your life miserable.

Don't judge people by their looks when you receive proposals. Before making any final decision, get to know the person nicely and accurately. Some people may not have good looks but they have a golden heart. On the other hand, some people are extremely good looking but they turn out to be very selfish and rude.

4) Acceptance is the most important thing. 

We all have certain personality traits or habits that make us who we are. Each person is unique. This is something that you must always remember when you get into a relationship or when choosing a life partner. When you marry someone, you marry them with the full acknowledgment of who they are as a person. 

You can’t change another person and you have absolutely no right to try to change your spouse. At the same time don’t promise to change yourself too. If your potential partner can’t accept you as who you are, it may be time to move on. 

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5) A relationship built on honesty and trust can survive any storm.

If you’ve found someone who’s completely open and straightforward with you, you’ve found the one. In today’s world, people often change their whole personality just to impress you for a few days. They choose to adapt and become a completely different or fake person. It's only months into a relationship that they show you their true colors.

On the other hand, few doubt themselves and are afraid to show you who they really are. They have a fear that you may not love them back. As a result, they hide behind a completely different persona. It is vital to understand that you can not hide behind the curtains for long. 

Hence, always start your relationship on the foundation of truth and honesty. Communicate your doubts, fears, and express yourself freely to the other person. Communication is one of the important factors to consider when choosing a life partner. 

People who speak their minds, express how they feel, and aren’t afraid of the truth no matter how much it hurts, are reliable. Additionally, they will stay with you through thick and thin.

6) Spending quality time with each other.

In today’s world, people would rather tell you they’re busy than happily spend time with you. 

Find a life partner who is generous with time, not someone who makes you wait and doesn’t respect your time. We all are busy with our lives. However, ask yourself, is it worth being in a relationship where work and money are more important than family?

Time is one of the most precious gifts you can give someone, it’s priceless. Be with someone who prioritizes your relationship and you. 

Successful relationships have a lot of give and take. Therefore, it is necessary to spend quality time with your partner. However, don't be demanding or clingy and keep complaining every now and then. It is necessary to be reasonable and understanding. 

If you are a laid-back person and your partner is an over-achiever, that could lead to a threat to your marriage. You must see eye to eye on how both of you can think and process things. Hence, communication is key. Keep this in mind when you are choosing your life partner. 

7) Be with someone with a good sense of humor.

People who can laugh at themselves are the most comfortable and easiest going people around. Additionally, they make the best partners. You can’t be with someone who’s too sensitive and get's easily offended. This is because you may unintentionally hurt or offend them with even the smallest thing. Find someone with a good sense of humor. 

We must find someone who doesn’t take every little thing too seriously. Be with a person who doesn’t let every little joke get to them. Similarly, wanting different levels of intimacy in a relationship could be a deal-breaker.

Perfect Life Partner - Flawsome Felishia
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8) In good times and in bad.

Truly compassionate and kind people are the best. They are the people who listen to you and try their best to empathize with you. They understand you and be by your side in times of need or distress. There’s an abundance of insensitive people in the world, people who think emotions are a waste of time. Trust me, I know a few. 

Your life partner should be able to understand your sorrows and feel your pain. Additionally, your life partner should be someone who always tries putting your shoes on just to see what it feels like in them. He/she should respect you and your decisions.

Be there for you through every problem and support even the wackiest of ideas.

9) It’s not enough to be nice to you, but to others too. 

Anybody who treats the waiter, watchman, driver and the rest with respect is a keeper. That really reflects your upbringing and culture. It doesn’t matter if he/she is rich or not, what’s more, important is that he/she should be hardworking, dedicated, and true to his work. Hence, when choosing a life partner, observe how they behave around others. 

That’s what will tell you if he/she will stay loyal and true to you for life. Somebody who is not dedicated to his craft and slacks off is not worth your time and energy. However, that doesn’t mean that you marry a workaholic who has no time for family and social obligations.

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Many people have comprehensive lists of what characteristics and attributes their ideal partner should have. If you box yourself into a checklist you will miss out on some great matches for you. It's almost impossible to attain a perfect checklist partner. 

On the other hand, when we think we have found it we throw all caution to the wind and overlook some not-so-desirable traits. A great relationship has emotional harmony and this is one of the factors to consider when choosing a life partner.

10) No judgment and complete acceptance 

Choosing a perfect life partner where you feel like you can be 100 percent yourself with no discrimination or judgment and complete acceptance is a wonderful and liberating feeling.

In life, it can be difficult to find places or situations where you can truly be yourself. A relationship should be your safe and happy place where you feel comfortable and don't have to keep a mask on. 

questions to ask when choosing a life partner
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Still Confused?

It is not easy to decide who you want to spend the rest of your life with. It requires a lot of time and getting to know each other. If you are still confused about how to choose a life partner, these questions will help you. Remember to ask yourself these 25 questions when you are in the process of choosing your life partner. Your answers to these questions will help you make a decision.

25 Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing Your Life Partner:

1) What is my idea of a perfect life partner?

2) Am I ready for a lifetime of commitment to a single person?

3) Am I getting married out of my own free will or peer pressure/means to escape something?

4) Do I have trust issues and insecurities?

5) Am I ready for change, adjustment, or compromise?

6) Do we communicate well with each other?

7) Does this person make me feel happier and add value to my life?

8) Is my life better with this person in it?

9) Do I like the person I am around him/her?

10) Can I see myself spending the rest of my life with this person?

11) How important is it to me to keep up physical appearances?

12) Do I feel physical, emotional, and sexual attraction towards him/her?

13) Can we comfortably and openly discuss our sexual needs, preferences, and fears with each other without judgment?

14) Do we have similar values and concepts when it comes to money, family, children, careers, or any other important decision?

15) Am I ready to discuss my understanding of faith and spirituality with them?

16) How do I feel about his/her family?

17) Are we good at apologizing or forgiving each other?

18) How much alone time do I need for self-care after marriage?

19) Will he/she accept my personal boundaries?

20) Do we have mutual respect for each other?

21) Are we ready to share our past relationships?

22) Do I enjoy spending time with this person?

23) Is this a healthy partnership or do I feel suffocated?

24) Am I willing to work through the hard times without giving up easily?

25) If I find my marriage on the rocks, am I willing to seek outside help with a counselor?

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In conclusion,

Don't spend your whole life wasting your energy trying to find your "movie-perfect" life partner. Live your life while you can! You only have one life, and you don't want to waste it by centering solely on finding a partner. Don't try too hard!

Sometimes life does things for a reason. It may bring your partner into your life unexpectedly. The perfect life partner is not far away. You will find him/her no matter what. Just believe and live your life to the fullest.

What is the best way to choose a perfect life partner? Do you think dating or matrimonial websites actually work? What are some important things that you consider while choosing a life partner? Are there any other questions to ask when choosing a life partner? 

Share your feedback in the comments section. 

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  1. Aha it seems as a complete guide to choose life partner.
    I agree one should never take this decision in fizzy or hurry, its a lifetime one has to spend with the other person. Bonding, tuning everything has to be matched else one keeps on regretting later.

  2. Such a beautiful post. Am sure this will help someone who is yet to decide or is currently confused about life or choosing a life partner. I believe when you meet the right person, it just clicks and then there's no looking back.

    1. Trusting your instincts and listening to your heart can lead to a fulfilling and lasting relationship. May we all find that special someone who makes our hearts sing and brings joy to our lives. Thank you again for your lovely comment!

  3. Amazing post. This will surely help people like me when time comes... Thanks for sharing this.

    1. I wish you all the best when the time comes, and may you find a wonderful and fulfilling partnership that brings you happiness and love.

  4. I wouldn't have thought of humour sense as a prerogative. But now that I think of it, it makes sense. It's a wholesome and thought provoking blogpost

    1. Indeed, humor has a way of bringing lightness and joy to our interactions, helping us navigate through challenges with a smile.

  5. Humour is most definitely something I looked for when I found mine. This is such a great, insightful yet non judgemental article.

    1. It's heartwarming to hear that you found that special someone who shares your appreciation for humor.

  6. Hey Felicia, this is a very detailed and informative post on relationships. In fact, the real secret behind everything is acceptance and only acceptance. We fail many times but it's important to remind yourself again and accept yourself and your partner.

    1. You're absolutely right, acceptance is indeed the key to nurturing strong and lasting relationships. Thank you for highlighting the essence of the post, and I truly appreciate your insights.

  7. All said and done, it just clicks somehow and works... :)

    1. Absolutely! You've hit the nail on the head. When it comes to the right relationship, there's a certain unexplainable magic that just clicks and falls into place effortlessly.

  8. Excellent Informative post. I am yet unable to find out one partners who meets my requirements. I hope she is somewhere.

    1. Keep an open mind and heart, and continue to seek meaningful connections. Best of luck on your journey to finding your perfect partner!

  9. Such a real take on a complex issue.


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