How To Have Your Perfect Dream Wedding?

We have all been dreaming of a perfect dream wedding. No matter who you are, a boy or a girl, I am sure the thought of how you would be getting married would have crossed your mind at least once.

Weddings may not be a very big deal for boys but it is like the biggest deal to all the girls.

Girls, do you remember digging through your mom's closet and hoping to find a pretty puffy dress and looking in the mirror just imagining what your wedding dress would look like or wear a scarf on your head thinking it’s a veil or getting your dolls married or just cutting or saving pictures of wedding dresses or venues or anything that you wish your wedding will have.

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This is the story of almost every girl. Most of us start planning our wedding way before we can even learn to write.

Hence, I am here. To your rescue. I am here to help you plan your dream wedding in some amazing steps.

We have heard of horrible wedding disasters. Or I am sure we must have watched the episodes of Wild Weddings or Funny Wedding Videos on YouTube.

There are also some events which are more than a nightmare to the bride. These are events like some of your treasured guest don't receive the wedding invitations because you forgot, or the dress is damaged, or the food is less, or some immediate family member falls ill, or the cake falls, etc. etc.

These type of fears is natural for every bride-to-be. But don't worry, I am here to help.

9 Steps To Have Your Perfect Dream Wedding

Let's get started: -

Step 1: Communicate And Plan

The first step is talking. To who? Your husband-to-be. You need to involve your husband in all the wedding decisions you make. You may think that he doesn't really care which flowers you pick or what theme you choose, but no matter what, take his suggestion. Wedding planning is an amazing way to bond with your fiancé.

Step 2. Date Selection

Choose appropriate wedding dates. Don't choose a date that collides with someone else's wedding (especially if that someone else is someone in your friend or family circle). Also, don't keep changing your date as per others' suggestions. You will never end up picking one.

Make sure that the date is chosen by only you and your fiancé. To make it even special, try choosing a date that is special to both of you. Like maybe the time he proposed, or the first time you met, etc.

Step 3. Maintain Secrecy

Don't spread the word way in advance. By "the word" I mean your wedding plans. Maybe your rivals or the people who don't like to see you happy will plan something to surprise you AND NOT IN A GOOD WAY.

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Step 4. Selecting The Perfect Ring

When choosing a wedding ring, make sure you both take quality and ample time because you are going to wear this ring for the rest of your life. Visit many stores and go through many rings before making an uninformed decision.

Do not shop for other items when you shop for your rings. Also, do not take your peeps with you, remember everyone will give their own opinion and you may end up buying something you don't like. You are going to spend a lot on this ring, so buy the one that you like.

Step 5. Family Get-Together

Host a small family get together or a party and invite your family, your bridesmaids, your best-men, and your bridal team. This type of gathering can be at your residence. This is a good bonding time for your whole team and your families.

Also here you can talk about your plans, take advice, suggestions, etc if you like. Make it a very informal dinner and make sure to take notes. If you like you can divide the work among your team. You can also ask some elders the contact information of any caterers or vendors if you like.

Step 6. Wedding Coordinator

It is preferable to ask someone to be your wedding coordinator. This person can be a family member or a friend or some outsider (you can hire an outsider with appropriate organizing skills). Try not to assign this task to your maid of honor or any immediate family member.

This coordinator will make sure everything is going well and handle any bad situation with smartness. this person plays a very important role. Start your wedding planning well in advance.

Better to look for wedding vendors online – it will save your time, money, and efforts. As online on wedding planning sites like WedMeGood, you can make a booking for banquets in Delhi, or any city you are getting married in. Also, you can find makeup artists, mehndi artists, photographers, decorators, and all other vendors – that too with pricing, contact details, and portfolio.

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Step 7. Have A Backup Plan

About three-two months before the wedding, contact all the people like the caterer, the venue in charge, etc. and confirm everything again just to be on the safer side. This gives you plenty of time for a plan B if in case something doesn't go as planned. Also, make sure that your team members (bridesmaids and best-men) know their roles.

Step 8. Relax And Rejuvenate

The night before the wedding makes sure to get plenty of rest. Eat healthily and don't drink alcohol. Whatever bachelor party you want to have, have it two days before the wedding.

Also, brides if possible, a couple of weeks before the big day, make sure to visit your doctor and pre-pone or postpone your periods. You don't want to feel sick with stomach cramps or get uncomfortable on your wedding day. Getting periods on your wedding day is quite stressful.

Step 9. Enjoy Every Moment

Don't be stressed about anything on your wedding day. It's your day! Enjoy it! You have done some amazing planning and everything will go just the way you wanted, perfectly! So don't worry about anything. Enjoy each and every moment of it.

By following these few steps and downloading a few good apps like WedMeGood, Pinterest, etc. you will be Guaranteed the perfect wedding you always dreamed of. There is a slight possibility that something may not go as planned, after all, we all humans and we make errors. But don't ponder upon it. Just let it go and enjoy your day.

What was wedding planning like for you? Do you have any advice? Share your feedback in the comments section.

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