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Blogging is a fun task, however, making sure your content is reaching others is surely very tough. There are so many other factors that we must look into. From keyword research to blog ranking, there are many factors that make or break a blog. One of these is Alexa ranking. New bloggers, like me, are constantly looking for ways to improve their blog’s Alexa Ranking. If you are one such blogger, in the post I will be sharing a secret on how to improve your blogs Alexa Ranking.


I have been blogging for 5 years - on and off. Due to many reasons, I have been away from my blog for months at a stretch. As a result, my blog ranking took a severe hit. I lost my blog subscribers and traffic. My Google rankings and Alexa rankings were severely affected. 

As of 17th September 2020, my Global Alexa Rank stood at 6,940,075. Worst still, I don’t have an India rank at all. Well, my blog desperately needs help to boost the rankings. 

This year, one of my New Years' resolutions was to get my blog back on track. I rebranded my entire blog, gave it a new identity, and started updating all my old posts.

I am continuously looking for ways on how I could improve my blog ranking. Recently, I came across a blogging challenge called #MyFriendAlexa. This blogging challenge is hosted by Blogchatter. I have been a part of Blogchatter for around 3 years. However, this will be the first time I participate in #MyFriendAlexa.

After thorough research, here’s what I know about the #MyFriendAlexa

What Is Alexa Ranking?


Before we jump into the campaign details, let us first understand the meaning of Alexa ranking. Alexa is a global ranking system that tells you how popular your website is on the internet. It compares your website with other websites and ranks the same based on the website’s popularity.

Alexa rank is calculated using an exclusive proprietary technique that combines a site’s estimated traffic (page views) and unique visitor engagement over the past three months. Unique Visitors are determined by the number of unique Alexa users who visit a site on a given day.  Alexa traffic ranks are updated daily. 


If you want your website or your business to succeed, it is very important to have insights and track your website performance. Alexa rank does just that and hence it is very significant for your blog.

Image by Karolina Grabowska from Pixabay 

Alexa rank provides you a high-level data about your website traffic and visitor engagement.  This data allows you to get a better understanding of your website. Additionally, it also gives you a general idea of what you need to work on to improve your websites ‘popularity’.


The site with the number 1 ranking has the highest combination of unique visitors and pageviews. Google is the #1 website in the world according to Alexa rankings. 

Generally, many people consider a ranking of 1 million or lower to be good. However, the best way to identify where you stand is to compare your websites rank with your competitors rank.  However, sites with relatively low measured traffic will not be accurately ranked by Alexa. 

You can check your websites' Alexa ranking by clicking here and entering your website’s URL. This will help you get an automated website analysis which is absolutely free. Additionally, it will also help you to quickly gain insights into your website’s strengths and weaknesses.


What Is #MyFriendAlexa?

#MyFriendAlexa is a blogging campaign/challenge hosted by Blogchatter. It is one of the best ways to not only improve your blog's Alexa ranking but also interact and discover new bloggers and content creators.

This year the campaign begins on 1st October 2020 and ends on 31st October 2020. This is the fifth season of one of the most successful campaigns of Blogchatter.

Does it work?

As I have already mentioned, this is my first time participating in this campaign. So, I will update my experience on the same on completion of the campaign.

However, from the experience of others, it surely works. There are many bloggers who have written that the period around when this campaign is held is the best period for their blog. Many bloggers have not only improved their blogs Alexa ranking but also achieved a lot more. It helped them develop a regular habit of writing and posting.

Benefits of participating #MyFriendAlexa Blogging Campaign

Image Source: Pixabay

If you are a content creator or blogger looking to improve your website’s ranking, you MUST participate in this campaign. There are millions of websites on the internet offering similar content to you. Participating in the #MyFriendAlexa Blogging Campaign will help you get exposure and rise above the competition.

1.  With this campaign, you will develop a regular writing habit and help you be consistent. 

2. Additionally, you will also discover new blogs and connect with fellow bloggers. 

3. You will get new visitors to your website which will help you to increase your blog traffic and engagement. 

4. Of course, you will improve your blogs Alexa Ranking.

What is expected of a blogger?

As a blogger, you need to follow some mandatory rules in this campaign.

1)  You must write 8 blog posts over a one-month period. Share these posts with the Blogchatter community.

2)    Interact with other participants by reading their blog posts, commenting, and sharing the same. This reading list will be shared with you regularly.

For eg.: I will be using #Felishiareads while sharing the blogs that I am reading and #Felishiawrites while sharing my own blogposts.

3)      You will need a unique and personalized reading hashtag and writing hashtag.

4)      You will also need a unique and personalized reading hashtag and writing hashtag.

5)      Be an active part of the social media groups created for this campaign purpose. You will be added to an exclusive Facebook and Whatsapp group to help you stay informed.

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5 Tips To Help You Ace The Campaign

From the experiences shared by other bloggers who have participated in the previous four seasons of the #MyFriendAlexa Blogging Campaign, I have listed down five tips that will help you get the best out of this campaign. 

1) Set A Theme

First things first, select a theme for the campaign. You can choose any theme related to your blog’s niche. There is no compulsion that you must have a theme. However 

2) Plan and Brainstorm 

Secondly, you need to have a proper plan set and ready. Spend some time brainstorming possible blog post ideas and listing them down. Plan your flow of the blog posts i.e. the possible headings, subheadings, etc. 

3) Optimize Your Posts 

Make sure you optimize your posts with the use of appropriate keywords. Break down your post in paragraphs and points with appropriate headings and subheadings. Moreover, use copyright-free images to make it more eye-catching. Similarly, try to create infographics related to your blog posts. In short, make your posts SEO friendly as much as possible. 

4) Schedule 

Don’t wait for the last minute to start writing your posts. You can start planning and creating your content right from this moment itself. Create and schedule your posts in advance. Have a look at your Google Analytics to identify which is the best time for you to publish your blog posts. 

5) Promote and Connect 

Once your post is live, spend time sharing it with the community using social media channels, especially Twitter. Similarly, connect with other participants by reading their posts, commenting, and sharing the same.

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Before you start the campaign, make a note of your Alexa ranking. At the end of the campaign, recheck your ranking. Also, make sure you check if everything on your blog is up and running fine, especially your share buttons.

The most important thing of all, enjoy the complete process. Make sure you connect with many people and make new friends.

I'm taking my blog to the next level with @blogchatter's #MyFriendAlexa, are you?


Click here to register your blog for the #MyFriendAlexa experience. Read more about the campaign here.


What are your thoughts on this campaign? Have you registered your blog for the #MyFriendAlexa Campaign? Share them with me in the comment section. 

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Thanks To Shalini, Varsha, Mayuri, and Dr. Amrita whose blog posts and experiences helped me research and learn more about #MyFriendAlexa. 

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