The Medicine Baba of India - Omkarnath Sharma

These days many people around the world are struggling to make ends meet. Millions have lost their jobs. Due to the rising expenses, many of these have almost exhausted their savings. With the rising number of health conditions, medicine has become a necessity in almost every home. Many of us have the will to help others in need, but very few of us act on it. At an age where many choose to retire and spend time with their loved ones, one man is on a mission to reach out and help others. Let’s read on to know the story of Omkarnath Sharma, the medicine baba of India.

Affordability of Medicines

India produces and manufactures 8 percent of the medicines available globally. We rank 13th in world medicine production by value. Medicines have become an essential factor in the lives of many. 


Apart from the coronavirus, there are thousands of people around India suffering from various other health issues. The results of a study conducted to evaluate the cost of medicines and their affordability in the private pharmacies in Delhi, India is as follows:. 

· Medicines make up for 90 percent of health care spending by poor people.

· Sixty percent (499-649 million) of the population in India does not have regular access to essential medicines.

· High costs of medicines lead to decreased access to healthcare

· Rural India spends 77 percent of its expenditure on health on medicines

· Urban India spends around 70 percent of the same on medicines.

· India spends 1.28 percent of the country's GDP on health.

Unfortunately, the high cost of medicines makes treatment less affordable for the poor segments of the population. As per World Health Organisation (WHO), 65% of the population lacks regular access to essential medicines. 

Medical treatment is free in Indian government-funded hospitals, but drug supplies at their dispensaries run out, forcing patients to fork out for medicines at nearby chemists. However, there is one man who has made it his life’s mission to make sure that the poor segments of the society receive the medicines. 

The Medicine Baba of India - Omkarnath Sharma


Who is Omkarnath Sharma?

Omkarnath Sharma was born in India is the 1940’s. He is an 80-year-old Delhi resident. He is a retired blood bank technician from Kailash Hospital in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. He currently lives with his wife and a mentally challenged 45-year-old son in a small rented house. At the age of 12, he was crippled in an accident. Yet he walks five or six kilometers per day to collect medicines. 

“This idea struck me a few years back when I saw how the poor struggled to buy medicines. When I first started, I was ridiculed and called a beggar but now people respect what I am doing,” – Omkarnath Sharma. 

In October 2008, an under-construction flyover in East Delhi collapsed due to some mechanical failure. As a result of this, two laborers lost their lives and around 30 were injured. The local hospital provided basic first aid to the victims as they were unable to afford the cost of treatment. This was a turning point in Omkarnath’s life. He, at once, decided, took a vow to not let something like this happen again. 

Medicine Collection

Image Source: Milaap

Omkarnath set up a mobile medicine bank for the poor and needy. Every day, he knocks on the doors of the Delhi homes to collect any excess medicines. Normally, these unused or excess medicines will land up in the trashcan. However, due to the initiative of Medicine Baba, these medicines reach those who are in dire need of it. 

“Bachi dawai daan me, na ki kudedaan me, Medicine Baba ka ek hi sapna, gareebo ka medicine bank ho apna.” (‘The Medicine Baba is here! Give me your old medicines! Don’t throw them away, they can save the lives of the poor!’) – Omkarnath Sharma 

Running a medicine bank is not easy. Yet Omkarnath selflessly dedicates his time in service of the poor without expecting anything in return. He provides the medicines to the poor free of charge. He walks 6 to 7 km every day wearing his orange kurta. His kurta displays his contact information, motto, and other information about the Medicine Bank. Since he cannot afford traveling in the Delhi Metro, Omkarji walks for miles or travels in the Delhi public bus using his senior citizen pass. 

The process of medicine collection is simple:

- Omkarnath starts from home at 6 am 

- He collects the unused or excess medicines from families by going door to door. 

- He brings these medicines back to his messy, garage-sized room located in the poor quarter of Manglapuri. 

- He carefully scrutinizes the medicines based on different factors. 

- He notes down the expiry dates and maintains proper records. 

- Certain medicines are stocked in the fridge and the rest are placed in appropriate boxes. 

- Through different NGO’s and hospitals, he reaches out to those in need of the medicine and donates the same to them. 

“All these medicines lying here are worth more than ₹ 20 lakh. I distribute medicines worth Rs. 4-5 lakhs every month," says Omkarji. 


Though he was ridiculed at first, people now respect and support his initiative. Thanks to social media and various news articles about him, he gained popularity. With the help of some generous people, Omkarji was also able to set up Medicine Baba Trust (1240). Many people have started supporting his initiative by setting up medicine collection drives at various public places. Omkarji now receives help from few employees too. 

Here are some of the awards that Medicine Baba has received over the years:

1. Medicine Baba has been recognized by various organizations worldwide: 

2. Delhi Gaurav Award - presented by Dr. Harshvardhan (Union Cabinet Minister - Govt. of INDIA) 

3. Felicitated by Mr. Sunny Deol (Notable Film Personality), Mumbai 

4. Awarded by BAJAJ GROUP, at the launch event of INS Vikranata 

5. Felicitated by Dr. Subhash Chandra, Chairman ESSEL group on The Subhash Chandra Show (ZEE NEWS) 

6. Awarded by (Governer) Punjab along with Member of Parliament Mr. Navjot Singh Sidhu 

7. Felicitated by Mr. Prakash Raj (Notable Film Personality), Delhi 

8. Felicitated by Mr. Akhil Kumar (Olympian – Boxer), Delhi 

9. Felicitated by Mr. Jarnail Singh (MLA – Tilak Nagar, Aam Aadmi Party), Delhi 

What we should learn from Medicine Baba?

1) Even though it is a free and voluntary service, Omkarji never takes his work lightly. He maintains proper records of all the medicines, their manufacturers, and their expiry dates. 

2) Age is just a number for him. He walks even to the remotest of areas to collect or distribute medicines. 

3) He isn’t afraid to ‘beg’ for a noble cause. 

4) When people ridiculed him, he didn’t stop his work. He didn’t let unnecessary opinions stop him from helping others. 

How can you contribute?

If you are someone living in Delhi, try to organize a medicine collection drive in your locality itself and forward the proceeds to Medicine Baba. Similarly, you may also contact him directly and donate any unused or excess medicines if you have in your cupboards. If you from other parts of the country or world, you may donate to his noble cause through his website


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