A Tribute To Our COVID Warriors

We are in the midst of a deadly pandemic. With times like this, the world had come to a stop. A state of emergency was declared in each and every country around the globe. While we citizens stayed at home, some superheroes are on the battlefield fighting the coronavirus. Thanks to our Covid warriors, our country can tackle the pandemic in full swing. We owe our lives to our covid warriors.


As a part of Blogchatter’s #MyFriendAlexa campaign, I was highlighting the extraordinary work by common citizens for the betterment of society and the common people. As we come towards the end of the campaign, I wish to pay a special tribute to those common citizens who risked their lives fighting this pandemic. 

Of course, our government and leaders have surely worked towards controlling the virus. Even many celebrities have come forward to do their bit. Along with this, we have our common citizens who have stepped up to do their bit to control this virus. Here is a tribute to our Coronavirus Warriors. 


1. Doctors 

Our doctors have been our biggest superheroes in this pandemic. They have readily answered the call to their duty. As per the Indian Medical Association, at least 500 doctors died due to coronavirus. No matter their age, from the junior most to the senior-most doctors have readily stepped in. Fighting the pandemic is surely physically as well as mentally draining, yet our doctors haven’t given up. 

Inspiring stories of doctors who have kept their personal commitments aside to tackle the pandemic. An 87-year old doctor from Chandrapur, Maharashtra continued braving the pandemic to reach his patients on a bicycle and provide them treatment. We salute all our doctors for their dedication, hard work, and sacrifice. 

Source: Pixabay

2. Nurses and Medical Staff 

Fighting side by side with our doctors are our nurses and other health warriors like ward boy, hospital cleaning staff, lab staff, etc. They have equally worked hard, made sacrifices, and even laid down their lives for the citizens. When the patients feel restless or are afraid, it is the nurses who reach out to them, motivate them, and lift up their hopes. 

Cleanliness and hygiene have never seemed of greater concern than it is now. Keeping the hospital clean is very vital. Our hospital cleaners are usually one of the forgotten COVID heroes. As per research, hospital cleaners are at a higher risk of getting the Covid-19 infection, compared to intensive care unit (ICU) clinicians. Similarly, the laboratory medicine professionals, who advise clinicians on which tests to use and how to interpret them, are the unsung heroes of medicine. 

3. Drivers and Other Health Care Workers 

Our ambulance drivers ferrying the patients are also one of the many unsung heroes. Day or night, they make sure the patients quickly reach the hospital. Similarly, they also ferry the bodies of patients who succumbed to the coronavirus to their preferred resting place. Many ambulance workers have even lost their lives to the virus. 

I had attended a funeral of a closed relative who had passed away due to COVID. Even amidst the scourging heat, these workers followed all the protocols of wearing the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kit. It was so heartbreaking because I could see them struggling to bear the heat. But yet their commitment to their work really made my heart swell with pride. I salute them for their sacrifices and hard work. 

Source: The Hindu

4. Sanitary Workers 

Sanitary workers, road sweepers, manual scavengers, and garbage collectors have been working continuously even during the lockdown. They are the backbone of the waste management system. They are facing the coronavirus pandemic with courage, but there is always a fear in their minds. Unfortunately, many of them work in poor or inhumane conditions with very little protection. 

5. Police and Security Officers 

The police, the most vulnerable community after the medical fraternity, are working in adverse conditions. Whether it's natural disasters, terrorism, festival security, or any of this pandemic, our police officers are always on the frontline. 

The sacrifices made by the police in preserving peace and security were invaluable. While these men in uniform selflessly choose to put their lives at risk, their families remain at home living their lives in doubt and fear. Many police officers have even lost their lives during this pandemic. 

6. Teachers, Anganwadi Workers, and Government Staff 

Another unspoken hero during this pandemic is the teachers and the government staff. They were assigned various COVID duties like distributing ration kits, door to door surveys, maintaining necessary records, etc. Teachers have been doing all this work along with their regular school work, adapting to online classes, teaching, and household responsibilities. Amidst this high-risk work, many staff also contracted the virus. Some even lost their lives. 

Just like teachers, many Anganwadi workers have also been a vital part of tackling the pandemic at grass root levels. Anganwadi workers in a few rural communities were conducting door-to-door visits to distribute dry ration and spread awareness on COVID-19. Unfortunately, they don’t have proper safety equipment and receive a very little salary. 

Source: ANI

7.  NGO’s 

NGO’s and various communities have reached out to the poor and needy during the pandemic. They have regularly organized food and grocery distribution drives among those struggling to make ends meet. Along with this, the essentials and the protective kit including masks and sanitizers have also been given to the needy. Because of many NGO’s and communities stepping forward, people struggling to make ends meet amidst the lockdown were able to get the necessary things for their survival. 

8. Vaccine Trial Volunteers 

We really need to reach out and thank all our volunteers who have taken part in the vaccine trails. Under Indian regulations, volunteers do not receive any remuneration for participating in trials. Volunteering your time and body for testing the COVID vaccine is no joke. Even though the trails possess comparatively lesser side effects, it still is very risky. 

9. Grocery Sellers and Home Delivery Workers 

Each of us was in dire need of groceries and other essential items. Due to lockdown restrictions, we were unable to go to the shops and purchase things. Yet, thanks to the grocery sellers and home delivery workers we were able to get our essentials at our doorsteps. Staff from various online retail stores, food joints, neighborhood shops have been delivering the essentials to the citizens right from the initial days of lockdown. They have indeed emerged as COVID warriors.

10. Well Wishers 

Lastly, many of our common citizens, from young to old have stepped up to do their bit. Some have donated food packets from their very own savings. Many have helped out their fellow citizens financially. Additionally, many of our Indian citizens have also made and donated homemade masks to those who are unable to afford it. Along with this, we also have our citizens spreading awareness about the virus among those who are most vulnerable.



The pandemic has had a devastating effect on the world but it has also brought out the humanity in us. These are just ten of the many warriors and there are still many more. We thank our COVID warriors and everyone who has done their bit to help tackle this pandemic. Without them, this pandemic would surely have been worse to deal with. 

The fight is still on, and it is our duty to follow all the necessary precautions and protocols. Along with this, make sure you reach out to someone in need in your very own neighborhood. The elderly, the poor, and the sick are more vulnerable. Help them in whatever way you can while following all the safety rules. 

Additionally, make sure you wear your masks properly at all times while in public places. Have a bath and sanitize your belongings as soon as you reach home. Follow a proper diet and keep a tab on your health as well as the health of your loved ones. 

Let us all defeat this coronavirus pandemic together.

Have you come across any inspirational stories during this pandemic? Share your thoughts on our COVID warriors in the comments section.

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  1. For the mention of medical lab staff, the unsung heroes I can't thank you enough. I am myself a Pathologist and was at forefront till June. My husband is an intensivist. We both were at forefront.Yet, the petty politics and no one to care for our son (he stayed alone for sometimes as long as 10 hrs during the peak, and heis only 12 )caused me to quit. Thanks for this post.
    Ruchi Nasa https://thevagabond.me


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