Dr. Uday Modi - Tiffin Doctor Who Feeds Hundreds Of Elders.

The coronavirus pandemic has had a grave effect on so many people across India and the globe. Among those gravely affected are the sick and the old. There are many old people across India who are abused, neglected, and finally abandoned by their very own children. The feeling of being deserted to fend for yourself by your very own children is not just heartbreaking but also shocking. Yet, one man has become the beacon of hope and survival for these senior citizens. Read to know about the story of Dr. Uday Modi. 

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Abandoned Senior Citizens 

No matter what the situation, there is no excuse to desert one’s parents in their old age. Unfortunately, money has become the main decider today. As long as you have money, you have people to take care of you and be there for you. But without money, nobody cares. The senior citizens who are illiterate and trusting are easily cheated by their very own children of the properties and bank balance. 

In today’s world, there are many elderlies who don't have families to rely on. These elders are one of the most neglected sections of society. With old age comes health complications. With very little to no money, they are unable to buy food or medicine or fulfill their needs. Their very own children have forsaken them leaving them heartbroken. 

They have nobody to take care of them. At their age, it's difficult to get or hold a job. Additionally, their sources of revenue are scarce. Unfortunately, many are left to beg on the streets to make ends meet. During a time when they need love, care, and nutrition, they face hunger, health problems, and worse. 

Shocking Statistics Senior Citizens 

India has 103.9 million elderly, people above age 60, about 8.5 percent of the population. In India, more than half of the population of older persons continue to suffer from financial problems. Many of these belong to rural areas. This leads to a miserable situation in livelihood. As they are unable to fend for themselves, many of these senior citizens (65 percent) depend on others for their day-to-day maintenance. 

Source: Indian Journal of Community Medicine

Elder abuse is a silent devil lurking in society. 44 percent of these elders reported experiencing abuse in public spaces. At home, the perpetrators are family members, with the son being the primary abuser in over 56 percent of cases, followed by daughters in 23 percent of cases. 

In many cases, the children trick the senior citizen parents to transfer the loan and properties to their name. There are various where senior citizens are abused physically, mentally, and robbed of their precious belongings like jewelry, pension, savings, etc. 

A nationwide survey conducted by Agewell Foundation reveals how the lack of sensitive schemes for senior citizens and their exploitation by the younger members of the family have led the elderly to suffer from medical, social, and financial problems, despite a high net worth. 

With many senior citizens living in terrible conditions, one man has made it his mission to give them a dignified and healthy life. 

Dr. Uday Modi – A Beacon of Hope 


Who is Dr. Uday Modi?

Dr. Uday Modi is an Ayurvedic doctor residing in Mira Bhayandar, Mumbai. He is also known as ‘Shravan Kumar’ (the obedient son from Hindu mythology) or ‘Tiffin Doctor’. He feeds and cares for the neglected and poor elderly from the city. Every morning, Dr. Modi wakes up with an unshakable resolve to feed more than 500 helpless senior citizens, free of cost. Apart from this, he also provides free consultancy and essential supplies to the elderly. 

These elderly people are unable to put together a decent meal or take care of themselves due to numerous reasons. Most of them are living in shabby conditions. Some are even bedridden or suffering from serious ailments. With the help of Dr. Modi's tiffin service, they get a decent meal every single day. 

The Start to Shravan Tiffin Seva 

Dr. Modi moved to Mumbai from a small village called Amreli in Gujarat to practice alternative medicine. In August 2008, one of his patients, in his late 70’s showed up at his clinic. The patient had a chronically ill wife at home. This couple was old, poor without even 10 rupees to buy a snack. The man was very hungry and told Dr. Modi needed food. 

Watching his situation really moved Dr. Modi. At once he decided to feed the needy elderly for nothing in return. For this purpose, he started his tiffin service. Dr. Modi has been running Shravan Tiffin Seva for more than 11 years now. Each tiffin box contains six chapatis, a curry, dal, and rice. On Sundays, he serves a homemade dessert and some farsan. 

“In all these years, I have never been able to understand what it takes for children to provide two rotis to their parents.” 

Initially, he just started off with around 11 senior citizens around his vicinity. With the help of his wife, Dr. Modi would pack nutritious food in tiffins and personally visit the senior citizens to deliver the same. While at their place, he would spend some time talking to them. As time went on, the number of senior citizens enlisted for tiffin service crossed 500. 

"We have two tempo and 4 dealer vans that help in transporting these tiffins all around the locality.” 

Starting a tiffin service is surely not an easy task. The bills cross to lakhs every month. However, with the help of his family, relatives, well-wishers, and donors, Dr. Modi is able to feed healthy lunch to the needy every single day. Dr. Modi also works as an artist in serials and TV shows and uses this extra income to fund his tiffin service. 

"My chest swells with pride when my kids come back and give me tiny bits of their savings to be put in for the seva. Lots of people come forward and support, I am sure it will go on," Dr. Modi shared. 


Dr. Modi takes the utmost care while preparing the food. He has various volunteers and helpers who help in the preparation of the food. There is special food prepared for diabetic and hypertension people. Dr. Modi personally tests the food and ensures proper packing of the same. He ensures that every person enlisted in the program receives their food. There is no holiday of any kind. 

"If the tiffin is missing, the elders in the program don't eat all day. We can't fail," 

A Home for Abandoned Parents 

Dr. Modi’s dream project is a home for abandoned parents. He wishes to build a complete care center where the elderly will not only be provided with meals and a roof over their head but also health care. He wants to provide them a safe space to live happily and peacefully. Currently, the home is under construction. 

"I want to build a Dikra nu Ghar for these elderly people. A place where the elderly receive comprehensive care and not just be fed”. 



How Can We Contribute? 

- You may directly get in touch with Dr. Uday Modi through the contact information provided on his website

- Additionally, you may donate to his cause through his website. 

- You may also volunteer in delivering tiffins to the elderly. 

Most importantly, you may take charge. Help out any senior citizen or needy in your very own vicinity. Visit and spend some time with your neighbors who live alone. 

We all can do our bit to make this world a better place for everyone. 

What inspired you the most about Dr. Uday Modi? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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