The Boundaries of Sanity by Mira Saraf - Book Review

Five stories. Five imperfect people battling their inner demons. Here is my spoiler-free review of Mira Saraf's book The Boundaries of Sanity. 

Details Of The Book:-

Name of the book:  The Boundaries of Sanity 

Author: Mira Saraf

Price: Rs. 150/- (Paperback)

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Publisher: Readomania (11 March 2020)

Mass Market Paperback: 59 pages 

Language: English


book review - mira saraf boundaries of sanity

About The Author

Mira Saraf is an English and Psychology graduate who works for a family business. She was born in Canada and raised in New Delhi. She is an avid reader, a poet, and a world traveler among many other things. She loves to write as it brings her joy and in her own word, 'helps maintain her sanity'. 

Mira has appeared in various Canadian magazines as well as some of the well-established blogs. Currently, Mira lives in Mumbai. She is working on her first full-length novel.

The Storyline

The book is a collection of 5 short stories. The protagonists in these stories battle through various mental health issues.

Story 1- Solitary Confinement

We see the protagonist Mrinalini battling with the demons in an unforeseen situation.

Story 2- Spilling Over The Edges

A woman engulfed with guilt imagines various consequences as she deals with her life.

Story 3- Senseless Worries

Things seem to fall out of place for Tanya who lives her life with a throbbing arm, and with a possible chronic disease.

Story 4- The Mirage

Things may not always be as they look.

Story 5- The Storyteller

Journey with a man through time and thoughts and he rediscovers his lost passion.

My Review 

Mira Saraf’s The Boundaries of Sanity is really an amazing book covering a range of personal battles. It takes you along the journey with 5 characters. The book beautifully explores mental health through its 5 short stories. The stories are unique, intense, and hard-hitting.

The book is perfect for a fast read. The language is very easy to understand however the story is very intense, dark, and searing. I really loved the way Mira has portrayed each character and each situation. Because of her brilliant and engaging story writing, you can easily connect yourself or even imagine yourself as the protagonist. You become one with the character as you read through the story. 

The way Mira has covered hard-hitting truths like gaslighting, guilt, body image, addiction, etc is simply brilliant. Each character is a survivor and each story leaves you wanting to know more. The whole journey of the protagonist is unpredictable. This is somewhere in connection to our lives to where we don't know what may happen next.

Personally, the last story “The Storyteller” was my favorite of the five. I went on an unexpected journey with the character. There were bits and pieces in that story that hit home with me. Having dealt with a similar situation, I could easily relate to the main character of the story. It feels like the perfect story to end the book with. 

Rating: 4.6/5. 


Mental health has become a rising issue in this age and time. When we talk about mental health, it is not just depression we are referring to. There are many other factors involved in mental health talk like guilt, self-image, anxiety, etc. I loved how the author beautifully represented a variety of mental issues in the form of these short stories.

This is a perfect book for current times to forward the conversations about mental health. I surely recommend everyone to read this book. 

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