Book Review: The Ex Factor By Harini Srinivasan - Love, Laughter, Chaos

Hey there, all you book lovers! Get ready for a crazy adventure in Harini Srinivasan's hilarious book, "The Ex Factor." Follow Oindrilla's funny and chaotic journey as she goes to Shillong for work and guess what? Her ex-boyfriend shows up! Get ready for lots of laughs, warm feelings, and a story that'll keep you interested right from the start!

Details Of The Book

Book Title: The Ex Factor 
Author: Harini Srinivasan
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Publisher: Om Books International
Publication Date: 30th June 2023
Number of Pages: 200
Language: English
Price: Rs. 209/- (Paperback)

About The Author

Harini Srinivasan, a distinguished former civil servant, currently resides in Gurugram alongside her family, adroitly juggling roles as an editor, content management professional, and accomplished author. Her literary journey has borne fruit in the form of several remarkable books, including titles such as "The Curse of Anuganga," "Ek Confusing Love Story," and "Death at Arcade Emporia."

Additionally, her portfolio boasts an array of captivating short stories like "The Unintended Boyfriend" and "How I Met Him." In her most recent creation, the realm of romantic comedy is explored in her work titled "The Ex-Factor." Beyond her literary pursuits, Harini's heart is captivated by the charm of old Hindi cinema, the rhythm of dance, and the timeless allure of books.

The Ex Factor By Harini Srinivasan - Love, Laughter, Chaos

Copyright: Flawsome Felishia

The Storyline

"The Ex Factor" by Harini Srinivasan revolves around the life of Oindrilla Roy, a young woman facing the chaos and challenges of modern life. Oindrilla, fondly known as Oinks, is grappling with a series of unfortunate events. Her household help has vanished, her parents' civil service jobs are demanding, and her boss adds more work to her already overflowing plate. Balancing the demands of her professional life with the responsibilities of her personal life becomes an overwhelming task.

Amidst this chaos, Oindrilla's office environment is no less dramatic. She receives news that she might have to travel to Shillong for a two-month assignment, which initially seems like an opportunity to escape the pandemonium at home. However, little does she know that this trip will set off a series of unexpected events.

During her journey to Shillong, Oindrilla crosses paths with someone from her past – her ex-lover, Vivek Rao. Their unexpected reunion sparks a flurry of emotions, bringing both nostalgia and confusion to the surface. As they continue to interact during the trip, Oindrilla finds herself caught in a web of feelings and memories, leading her to question her past decisions and her present desires.

As the story unfolds, Oindrilla navigates not only her complicated romantic history but also the challenges of her current relationships. She encounters a new romantic interest, navigates office politics, and tries to strike a balance between her family obligations and her personal aspirations. The narrative delves into Oindrilla's journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and the complexities of navigating the intricacies of love and relationships.

My Thoughts on the Book

Hold onto your hats, dear readers, because we're diving headfirst into the wild whirlpool that is "The Ex Factor" by the incredible Harini Srinivasan. It's a tale where Murphy's Law seems to be on steroids, and every cosmic mischievous imp is dancing to the same tune. 

"Everything that could go wrong, went wrong today. Every single thing." 

Yep, you heard it right!

Copyright: Flawsome Felishia

Picture this: Oindrilla Roy, our sassy and spirited protagonist, is fighting off the chaos gremlins with one hand and juggling the demands of her parents' civil service careers with the other. Just when she thinks she might have mastered this circus act, her boss tosses her an urgent task that's hotter than a samosa fresh out of the fryer. And did I mention her office is a theater of the absurd, with drama swirling around like confetti at a carnival?

But hold on to your rollercoaster seats, because the drama isn't confined to office walls. Oindrilla's life is about to embark on a scenic detour to Shillong, where work promises a breather from the hurricane back home. 

Only, Fate, with a mischievous grin, introduces her to her ex-lover aboard the flight! That's right, folks, buckle up as past and present collide, emotions ignite, and her carefully crafted routine spirals into a merry-go-round of mayhem.

But wait, there's more! Amidst the romantic rodeo, Oindrilla's got a new potential love interest, a boss who's as demanding as a toddler, a coworker who's as solid as a rock, and, of course, the oh-so-intriguing presence of her ex. It's a relationship symphony with more twists than a Bollywood dance sequence. 

Will Oindrilla untangle this messy web and admit to those lingering feelings? Well, hop on the love train, my friends, because "The Ex Factor" is about to take you on a romantic escapade like no other.

Srinivasan doesn't just weave a story; she orchestrates an explosion of emotions, humor, and relatability. "The Ex Factor" is Oindrilla's playground, where she's dodging office politics, chasing after balance, and attempting to reclaim a love that's so close, yet so far. The narrative is like a carnival ride, thrilling and unpredictable. Srinivasan has us laughing, sighing, and possibly even facepalming at the follies of Oindrilla's escapades.

This book is the real deal, folks! It's not just about romantic trysts; it's about dancing through the labyrinth of modern life. Oindrilla, with all her quirks, becomes your confidante, as her hilarious interactions and emotional ups and downs resonate with anyone who's been caught in the chaos storm.

Oh, and let's talk about the locales! Srinivasan transports you to the bustling streets of Delhi and Kolkata and then whisks you away to the serene landscapes of Shillong. You'll feel like you're flipping through Oindrilla's life scrapbook, experiencing her whirlwind world firsthand.

Now, don't get me wrong, there are moments when the storytelling might take a leisurely stroll like it's savoring a spicy chaat. But fear not, dear readers, the rollercoaster ramps up, and as Oindrilla's journey crescendos, you'll be gripping the pages with bated breath, eager to see if love conquers all.

Rating: 4/5


Throughout the book, Harini Srinivasan weaves a tapestry of relatable experiences, humorous situations, and emotional moments. The story captures the essence of modern life, with its myriad of challenges, laughter, and unexpected twists. 

It explores themes of love, friendship, career, and the choices that shape our lives. Through Oindrilla's character, the author offers readers a glimpse into the chaotic yet endearing journey of a young woman seeking to find her way in a world that often feels like a rollercoaster ride.

So, here's the scoop, fellow book adventurers: "The Ex Factor" is an exhilarating ride through Oindrilla's life, complete with thrills, spills, and heartwarming chills. Srinivasan's narrative mastery shines as she guides us through the maze of love, relationships, and the hilarious hiccups of the modern world. If you're hunting for a book that'll make you laugh, swoon, and remember that life's quirks are what make it beautiful, then look no further.

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  1. While I love romance books, I thought the language in this one left a lot to be desired. Also, too many situations happening at the same time.


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